The Leadership of Word Alive Church

Word Live Church is a gospel-centered community with leadership positions that equip, care for, and shepherd the body of Christ. We believe leadership is empowered by Christ and under His authority, our responsibility as under-shepherds is to release ministry and empower God’s people to effectively and efficiently serve the body of Christ and the world.

The leadership of Word Alive Church is as follows:


Jesus is the head of the church. [Ephesians 1:8-23]

Danny El Kouri, Senior Pastor

Why Lawton, OK?

I grew up in Lawton, so you could say I might be biased. With that said, I love the fact that it is a small town wrapped up in a big town package. I like that you can get around anywhere in about 20 minutes, no matter what the economy has done in the world in Lawton there has always been opportunity to provide for my family. With Ft. Sill as our sister city it brings people from all walks of life making Lawton very colorful and exciting. I also love what God is doing in this City to bring restoration to many broken parts of our City.

Why Word Alive Church?

Word Alive Church of Lawton began in 2006 when God spoke to me to build a Church. Initially we held services in our home along with one other couple, Jim and Beverly Hall. By God’s grace, attendance quickly grew to ten and within a year the attendance averaged 20 to 40 for the Friday night Bible Studies.

We needed larger accommodations so we moved to the downtown coffee shop in September, 2008 with the help of Ray and Richelle Garcia. Tuesday evening services were held here for seven months.

In May, 2009, Word Alive moved to their present location at 2202 SW ‘A’ Street to the building now known at the Momentum Youth Center. By April 2010, the congregation outgrew the building and moved to the present facility. May God receive glory for what He has accomplished at Word Alive Church!

My Hobbies: I love raising rabbits, cattle, riding four-wheelers and my Harley trike