Sundays at WAC

We welcome you to join us for Worship at Word Alive Church of Lawton, Sundays at 10:45am. Our hope is that you feel warmly welcomed the minute you walk in the door. One of WACʼs friendly Greeters will be there to meet you. Theyʼre great people to know. They can help you navigate your way around WAC, especially if youʼre new. Whether you’ve attended church your whole life or never stepped foot in a church, Word Alive is a safe place to bring your doubts, questions, and curiosities, regardless of your beliefs or background. We invite you to come and take a look around. What you’ll find is a passionate group of people who truly desire to experience God and discover that life was never meant to traveled alone.


We see worship as the door that enters God’s presence. The WAC worship team seeks to lead us through that door each week. Prophetic and contemporary worship is the norm for our Sunday worship experiences. For us, it isn’t as much about style as it is heart. Everyone worships in their own unique way – for many, that means singing & clapping, and for others it means quietly reflecting on the words. You’re welcome to do whatever makes you feel most comfortable. We like to flow with the Holy Spirit “off the page” of written music and express our own original prophetic worship in the moment. God is creative, and our worship is often spontaneous and flowing.

We love kids!

Our nursery is safe and clean and staffed by a loving group of people that will provide exceptional care for your “little ones.” For elementary age kids, they will come into the service with parents or guardians and join in the worship service with the rest of the congregation. Many gather up front at the altar to worship together. We believe it’s very important for our families to worship together. After worship, the children will be dismissed to go to the children’s service for a time of teaching led by our children’s teachers.

What do I Wear?

We are a casual group. If you like to wear your Sunday best, go for it! Your comfortable jeans will also do just fine.

Tithes and Offerings

WAC exists to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and see His Kingdom advance in the earth. We are a faith based ministry that operates on a day to day basis on the generous tithes and offerings of its partners and friends. We don’t provide a designated time to give but instead, you’ll find “For God Boxes” placed by the doors of the sanctuary. You are welcome to give at your convenience.